My Philosophy

I am dedicated to personalized and preventive healthcare in addition to being passionate about leveraging technology for scalable business growth. My expertise in data analysis, nutrition, culinary arts, and sales positions me as a valuable asset to my genuine networking community. I resonate with professionals who prioritize client-centric support, aiming for collaborative efforts and mutual growth. Let's make a powerful impact together. Click the green button below to book a brief chat. My sole objective is building connections and exploring ways to support professional growth.


As the VP of Business Development at LabSmarts, I lead initiatives to empower practitioners with cutting-edge bio-individualized blood work interpretation software. This innovation enhances analysis accuracy and efficiency while upholding the principles of personalized healthcare for optimal patient care.

Simultaneously, I serve as a CRM Consultant. My role involves cultivating partnerships with individuals and organizations seeking to optimize operational processes and elevate customer interactions. My approach is centered on a thorough understanding of your business landscape, objectives, and pain points. This enables me to tailor a CRM solution to effectively address your specific challenges.

I thrive in both roles as they allow me to leverage technology to create space for meaningful engagement. This approach has been pivotal in my business growth, evident through successful referrals and recognition for my diligence and organizational skills.



I am a dedicated advocate of data-driven decision-making. Whether it's optimizing your health or steering your business towards success, data plays a pivotal role. That's why I'm passionate about my roles at a health tech company and a CRM company, both of which are committed to harnessing data to empower customers with well-informed choices.

Blood Work Interpretation

Our software enhances efficiency of blood work interpretation for practitioners, leading to improved health outcomes. What sets us apart is personalization, taking into account factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, elevation, and more. This personalized approach is your competitive advantage, setting you apart in the field. Experience the technology enhancement in patient care that seamlessly translates to business growth. Learn more...

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM software is the ultimate tool for effortlessly managing your contacts, ensuring no opportunity ever slips through the cracks. With our solution, you can streamline your business operations, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters: building relationships that highlight your unique personality and sets you apart from the competition. Learn more...


I Love Cooking & Moving

Every Sunday, you'll find me at the farmer's market, followed by a quick trip to the grocery store. Why? Because it's my personal form of self-care, a dedicated ritual in my quest for continuous health optimization. My pursuit of optimal health isn't just for me; it's to be the best version of myself for my valued business contacts, cherished family, and dear friends.

I firmly believe that to care for others, I must first take care of myself. The foundational strategy for me is simple: get moving and get cooking! It's how I invest in my well-being, so I can be there for those who mean the most to me.

And if I have time, I'll write up recipes in my blog to share the goodness!


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The only goal is for both parties to get to know each other better so we can provide mutual support that sparks business growth.


Darrin Wong

I am consistently surprised at the quality, power and number of his Brandon's network connections. My dealings with him have been nothing short of absolutely amazing! But more importantly, his network has proven unequalled in my dealings with him with regard to how he shares. He IS the new generation of valuable creators for data and due to his impressive creativity, he is paving the way with data and CRM versatility.

Tom Fleming

I love Brandon's heart in his consistent focus to build community in support of creating reciprocal relationships by GIVING TO OTHERS. If Brandon isn't a key player in your network, either as a healthcare professional or a great networker in general... Well, he should be. 1000's thank you's to Brandon for his consistent and sincere support!

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