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Why Old People Walk Slow

November 15, 20231 min read

Understanding the reasons behind the slowed pace of older individuals is crucial for fostering a more graceful and agile aging process. Contrary to the misconception that sluggish movement is an inevitable part of aging, it's essential to recognize that individuals of all ages should maintain a reasonable level of mobility.

The cerebellum, a key part of the brain responsible for coordinating muscle movements, plays a pivotal role in maintaining motor skills. As people age, the deterioration of the cerebellum occurs, leading to a decline in coordination and a slower walking pace. This degeneration is attributed to the impact of elevated autoantibodies, which progressively attack and shrink the cerebellum over time.

Autoantibodies, akin to soldiers in the immune system, mistakenly identify normal tissue as foreign invaders, initiating a process known as molecular mimicry. This autoimmune response, triggered by consuming inflammatory foods like wheat and dairy, results in the gradual destruction of one's own tissue, causing organ damage and dysfunction.

Identifying food sensitivities can be done through alternative methods such as muscle testing by specialized doctors or through Western medicine with an IGG food sensitivity test, albeit at a higher cost. By understanding and addressing these sensitivities, one can mitigate the ongoing assault on the cerebellum, promoting better movement and coordination.

It's essential to note that the decline in movement and coordination is not attributed to muscle weakness but stems directly from the impact on the cerebellum. Moreover, factors beyond diet, including toxins in personal care products, household cleaners, and cosmetics, contribute to brain and body damage over time.

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