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"Beyond Statins: Unveiling the Truth about Cholesterol Ratios and Heart Health

November 18, 20232 min read

In the realm of western medicine, statins often become the go-to solution when LDL cholesterol surpasses 190. However, the true indicator of heart health lies in the triglyceride to HDL ratio, a crucial but often ignored metric. A ratio of 3.5 to 1 or higher signals danger, while the ideal 1 to 1 ratio minimizes heart disease risk.

Despite mainstream medicine's fixation on LDL cholesterol, statins bring their own set of issues, from fatigue to muscle weakness. Studies indicate their limited efficacy in preventing heart disease, except for post-heart attack scenarios. Dietary shifts, on the other hand, prove more impactful in reducing mortality risk.

Contrary to popular belief, major health studies like the Nurses’ Health Study and the Framingham Study question the direct link between LDL levels and heart disease. Even a comprehensive UCLA Health meta-study, examining numerous studies, reveals that 75% of heart attack victims had LDL levels within the safe range.

It's time for a paradigm shift in western medicine, moving away from the flawed notion that LDL values equate to increased heart attack risk. Can we curb the overprescription of statins, especially for those without a history of stroke or heart attack? Let's prioritize preventative measures, leveraging the potency of food, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies over statins.

While mainstream adoption of evolving research may take time, proactive education is key. Beyond routine checkups and media headlines, explore insightful reads like “Why We Get Fat” by science journalist Gary Taubes. Alternatively, enlist the support of a functional nutrition coach like me, specializing in food, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies for long-term health success.

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