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How To Prevent Weight Loss As a Vegan

November 15, 20232 min read

Embracing a vegan lifestyle is a transformative journey, driven by a desire for health and well-being. However, some encounter unintended weight loss along the way. In response to a family member's concern, I'm excited to share insights on how to maintain a healthy weight as a vegan. Let's explore the key foods that will keep you nourished and thriving.


Nuts & Seeds: Choose raw, oil-free nuts for a calorie-dense snack. Beware of hidden unhealthy oils like canola, often laden with glyphosate. Roast nuts at 400°F for 4 to 6 minutes or soak them overnight for nut milk. Trail mix, featuring almonds, cashews, pepitas, sunflower seeds, raisins, or Turkish apricots, is a satisfying go-to.

Nut Butter & Seed Butter: Infuse meals with nutrient-rich nut and seed butter for a hearty, calorie-dense boost. Tahini paste, derived from sesame seeds, is a cost-effective and delicious alternative. From oatmeal to smoothies, these butters elevate your culinary experience.

Avocado: A powerhouse of good fats, avocados offer both calories and nutrients. Rich in potassium and fiber, they support heart health and cultivate a thriving microbiome.

Other Healthy Fats: Incorporate coconut, flaxseed, chia seed, dark chocolate, and oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, red palm oil, and flax oil.

Complex Carbohydrates

High Fiber Options: Prioritize complex carbs to sustain energy levels and support digestive health. Opt for potatoes, sweet potatoes, root veggies, legumes, brown rice, forbidden rice, quinoa, fresh fruit, and oats. Resistant starch in cooled potatoes enhances beneficial bacteria production.

Bread Containing Gluten: Exercise caution with gluten-containing bread, as it may contribute to leaky gut and inflammation. Leaky gut, triggered by gluten, can lead to various health issues over time.


Recommended Vegan Proteins: Ensure sufficient protein intake for enzyme production, muscle maintenance, and repair. Explore hempseed, green peas, lentils, chia seeds, edamame, legumes, tempeh, nutritional yeast, gluten-free grains like teff, amaranth, and quinoa, spirulina, and nuts and seeds.

Vegan Proteins to Avoid: Steer clear of gluten-containing seitan and faux meats, commonly made with wheat protein, to safeguard gut health.

Vegan meals are far from dull; they are tasty, filling, and brimming with nutrients. Explore the myriad choices and flavor combinations available. For further insights into optimal health through nutrition, subscribe to my Health Newsletter and embark on a flavorful and nourishing vegan journey.

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