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Decoding Insulin: Navigating Blood Sugar and Health

November 14, 20231 min read

Insulin, a crucial hormone produced by the pancreas, regulates blood sugar levels after food consumption. Understanding the role of insulin is essential for managing a healthy lifestyle. This article breaks down the insulin process and highlights the impact of overconsumption on weight, health, and longevity.

The Insulin Process:

  1. Blood Sugar Regulation: Insulin lowers blood sugar by transporting it into muscle cells for energy use.

  2. Fat Storage Mechanism: When muscle cells reject excess sugar, it is stored as fat in fat cells for later energy use.

Modern Challenges:

In our society of abundance, the concept of famine is non-existent. Continuous availability of food encourages overconsumption, leading to persistent insulin secretion. This cycle, if unchecked, may result in weight gain, diabetes, declining health, and a shortened lifespan. Additionally, excess blood sugar serves as a favorable environment for cancer cell growth, elevating cancer risk.

Sugar Consumption Guidelines:

As per the American Heart Association:

  • Men should limit daily sugar intake to 9 teaspoons.

  • Women should limit daily sugar intake to 6 teaspoons.

Reality Check:

According to PubMed Central, the average adult consumes 77 grams (approximately 15 teaspoons) of sugar daily, surpassing the recommended limits set by the American Heart Association.


Understanding the dynamics of insulin and its relation to blood sugar is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Subscribe to my Health Newsletter for additional insights into achieving well-being through nutrition.

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